FragFx V2 Shipping To North American Retailers This Month

The much anticipated PlayStation 3 perephiral - FragFx v2 - will be shipping to North American retailers this month. The FragFx v2 is PS3 controller that was specifically designed for FPS games.

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Dimitri3498d ago

What about the European retailers WTF ????????

Pennywise3498d ago

Hope you guys get it. I also hope they have improved it a lot over previous versions.

I have the first and it doesnt work with half the games, and when it does work its not as accurate as a PC mouse.

Simon_Brezhnev3498d ago

yeah thats why i sold mines on ebay a while back its not precise like a mouse i wonder how dis one would be i'll wait for reviews

crck3498d ago

Weren't they suppose to release a bluetooth version? Looks like they raised the price $20 over the first version. $80? I'll stick with the sixaxis.

arika3498d ago

i want to try this but i want some good reviews first and see what they think. i'm not going to spend my hard earned money if this is junk.

Gun_Senshi3498d ago

FragFX (1) sucked. I have 2 and they had to changed 3 times due to unable to update firmware (Its why I have 2, one of them I kept)

ChozenWoan3498d ago

PS3 already lets people connect a keyboard and mouse, all we really need is for devs to start incorporating a key mapping control setup. This would let players use either the SixAxis or a usb/bluetooth keyboard to play games. This one feature alone would allow RTS games that have the same controls as PC games, as well as give some of the top pc gamers even more incentive to consider the PS3 as a gaming rig.

This one feature alone would help the PS3 more than even Cross Game Chatting.

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