New Details About Final Fantasy XIII's ATB System Surface

A new scan has surfaced from Japan which features information about Final Fantasy XIII's Active Time Battle (ATB) system. It was previously disclosed that this system would feature in the game, but no concrete details were ever announced prior to now.

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Hallucinate3597d ago

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GrieverSoul3597d ago

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Selyah3597d ago

It sounds intriguing although I'm slightly lost as to how its gonna pan out.

mephman3597d ago

I'm sure things will become more clear once the demo has been released.

Kushan3597d ago

From the sounds of it, it looks like it's going to be turn based like older FF games, but each "turn" lets you do so much. So the logic is simple, it takes less effort to say...use a potion than it does to cast a spell or something. So we may be able to chain together a bunch of "lesser" moves or use a really big one, but you may also get bonuses for using certain moves in combination. That's how I interpreted it and I think it'd work quite well.

iamtehpwn3597d ago

I'm nervous about this game.
This isn't going to have the same effect that FFVII and FFX had on people, certainly.

Versus XIII however......well, Nomura never loses his touch. :]

nothere4133597d ago

I love the old school Final Fantasy games, but the videos I saw of this game didn't impress me at all.

It looks really unoriginal and I can't see the story being very good.
I feel the same way about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It just seems like Square is focusing more on what will sell then what will satisfy old school fans.

I could be wrong, but I can't see it being very good.

mephman3597d ago

I'm sure the demo will answer many questions.

Selyah3597d ago

Slightly bewildered by that comment, unoriginal but doesn't satisfy old school fans? Ah well

Its looking at least a bit innovative on the combat side of things, and hopefully other areas too.

DragonWarrior_43597d ago

There is nothing wrong with sticking to the things your good at. Unoriginality you say? FF and Dragon Warrior are the reasons why there is even a rpg genre. I wish they would go back to their roots and keep the gameplay traditional and stop trying to appease the noobs that never played a true rpg in their life. FF wouldn't even be in the state that its in right now if people like you would stop complaining about unoriginality. Just shut up and play your pokemons and power rangers. You kids are the reason my favorite genre is down the drain.

Guy1693597d ago

sadly, after FF4 on SNES FF games had the lamest battle systems compared to other series (like Star Ocean).

nothere4133597d ago

All I'm saying is that I miss all of the old Medieval settings.

This game looks like freaking Star Wars...

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DragonWarrior_43597d ago

So its gonna play like Xenogears, only alot more significant options. Very very nice. I looks as if I might actually like this game. I still think FFX is the best FF ever made though.

iamtehpwn3597d ago

You're damn right.

Never have visuals, Story telling, gameplay, character designs, and audio design, and (at the time) Modern technology ever come together in such a master piece till X came along.

ChozenWoan3597d ago

FFVII is the best FF
EEEEEEEEEVAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

It is the first, last, and middle game that people think of when you say RPG. You can't have a RPG discussion without it's name coming up. FFX was good, but FFVII is RPG.


ceedubya93597d ago

Is right at the top of my list of the Final Fantasies. Its the one FF that truely made me a fan. Had one of the greatest endings I'd ever seen up to that point. Real tear jerker.

NegativeCreepWA3597d ago

Sorry guys FFVI is the best, ask anyone that's been with the series from the beginning.

Monkey5213596d ago

The only reason VII is so hyped is because that game is what made FF mainstream in the US. VI had the best villain of any of the FF games hands down (Kefka) with a good battle system, and X had the best plot line while keeping interesting side quests and a good battle system. Not to mention X's upgrade system (sphere grid) was pretty sweet.

KruLLit3596d ago

The battlesystem in FFX is better than FFVII, but I liked the story in FFVII more, except for the ending :). The ending in FFX was just pure awesomeness.
I agree that the coolest/best villain is Kefka. He was so badass :)

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Guy1693597d ago

this actually sounds a bit like Chrono Cross or Xenogears.

DragonWarrior_43597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Yeah, thats what I just said. But not so much Chrono Cross. You can only combine abilities in CC. But in Xenogears, your bot can use many different kinds of attacks per turn that take certain amounts of battle points. Thing is though, that really makes this not feel like FF at all. It seems these guys are always trying to find ways to be innovative in the genre. Honestly, I wish they would just go back to their roots and have the old school turn based system, with the level up system from FFX. They should also return to the sin Saga and bring back Tidus.

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