PSU champions: Final Fantasy VII on PS3

PSU's series looking at past PlayStation games in desperate need of a PS3 makeover continues.

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Andronix4625d ago

Final Fantasy VII is one of the worlds most loved rpgs (i know its not everyones cup of tea).

The fans want it. It would make big money. And what's more it doesnt need a new design team. Just new graphics/animation and an orchestral score! Then BINGO! worldwide ultra hit.

So why the wait?

The Snake4625d ago

I'd also say analog stick support is a must, but I'm sure if they remade this game they'd already know that.

Bebedora4625d ago

Why? This is just torture to read about someone bringing up the issue of wanting a remake of FFVII. Pure pain. I've said it before - A movie and the remake is idiotic NOT to do by square enix.

Then again, developers and artist doing things over again with something that has allready been done before. Naah. No fun in that for them. It has to be new folks doing it maybe to make it good and well done?

Shadow Flare4624d ago

Final Fantasy VII is the best game ever made. It'll be remade sometime