Ausgamers: Patapon 2 Review

Ausgamers: "Patapon veterans will feel instantly at home, for the code base, sprites, and most of the music and animation have been recycled from the last game. You can import your old save data, too. Rather than a radical re-invention of the franchise, this sequel simply offers more of the same: new kinds of units, including a customisable hero character and flying cavalry, plus some multi-player modes, and plenty of new levels to conquer. Some succinct tutorial levels open the game for the benefit of newcomers.

Ultimately, this is a deceptive product. It looks infantile, but it's epic in scope. It's no cakewalk, either - even on the easiest setting, you can still expect to get spanked if you make a wrong move. For while the Patapons obey you, you must obey the drums - Patapon 2 makes you a slave to the music."


+ Doesn't mess with the winning formula of the original
+ Enough new units and items to keep things interesting
+ Cheeky sense of humour
+ Amazing graphics and sound


- Still quite difficult, even on easy
- Not much else

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