Dofus Version 1.27 Coming

Ankama Games has announced that an update for the hugely popular MMO 'Dofus' will be arriving next month.

Version 1.27, which goes live on 7 April, will introduce many new features and improvements to existing game mechanics. Most importantly, all classes will be receiving 'Special Spells'.

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Maticus3500d ago

The class spells are genius, at last! This is a great little game actually, it's slipped under the radar a lot.

Leord3500d ago

Yes, it definitely slipped under the radar. I just saw this page now as I got the link through IM from a friend.

Leord3500d ago

Those graphics looks awesome! I love games that use the non-3D, but 3D-like blocky stuff. I dislike Habbo hotel, but that's for other reasons. This looks brilliant.

Fyzzu3500d ago

I remember this, and I vaguely remember playing it. Never really hooked me, but these changes are interesting, at least.