Nintendo DS Lite Now Available In the US

Although the Nintendo DS Lite handheld console isn't supposed to be released in the United States until Friday, June 11, reports indicate that several stores, including Walmart and Target, have already placed the coveted handheld on store shelves. It is unknown whether or not the stores intended on selling the DS Lite early, or if it was a mistake.

The DS Lite will have a retail cost of $129 when "officially" released on June 11.

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OutLaw6207d ago

I placed my order about a month ago. so I hope they're selling it early. But my order was placed with EBgames and there was no mention of that store.

U2MOFO6207d ago

Went to my local Target.... nothin. Said they have plenty in stock but cant sell them. I dont understand why....

OutLaw6207d ago

Okay. On their site they still have the DS Lite coming out on June 11. But they are selling it in a bundle right now so the story could be true. But you may have to buy a bundle for $159.00 Which isn't bad if you want the system early.

Arsenic136207d ago

how much can i sell my old fat ds 4 so i could save 4 new skinny.