PALGN: Resistance: Retribution Review

PALGN writes: "The PSP has a reputation these days of receiving sequels, prequels and mid-quels to just about every successful PlayStation brand-related franchise. Final Fantasy, God of War and Killzone have all had successful instalments on the handheld console, which expanded on their respective universes in different and interesting ways. Now, here comes Resistance: Retribution, set between the PlayStation 3 flagship titles of Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, and developed by the blokes behind the Syphon Filter series at Sony Bend. While some things have changed, and the perspective has been brought back from first-person to third-person, the game has admirably kept the epic scope of the series on the handheld platform. But does Resistance: Retribution continue the fine tradition set by Insomniac's home console series, or does it try to do too much on Sony's little machine?"

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SIX3500d ago

It actually has a working online mode. I played capture the flag and team deathmatch last night and surprise was actually fun! This could be something big.

farhsa20083499d ago

yes this game is excellent

spartan4003499d ago

the second I got this game I went online with it. I never played a portable game online before this. I got to say im hooked. This game works great. Its great to just chill in my bed at night and play a game online with my PSP. It has tons of online modes, ps3 compatibilities, and i still have yet to touch the single player campaign. This game has it all. If you like shooters and have a PSP this should definitely be in your collection. If you like shooters and you dont have a PSP then know is the time to take your shooter on the GO !!