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caffman3499d ago

can't wait to play it but at work till 22.00 :-(

freshkid13499d ago

I am people have either moved on to better games or killzone, they should of released it in December or Janurary they would of made more money

DrRage773499d ago

well i guess you haven't moved on since you are posting a comment on [email protected] of people play this because they prefer ww2 shooters of modern shooters....killzone2 and cod4 have tons of followers, as does [email protected] depends on your PREFERENCE....

i didn't realize that personal preference is no longer allowed in the gaming community.....

SiLeNt KNighT3499d ago

and ww2 games arent played out? the genre and era dont matter to me as much as the crappy hit detection. i loved cod4, iw did an awesome job with that game. I started out loving [email protected] but the hit detection completely ruined the game for me. the greatest thing in the world is...s3x...if you did it all day you would even need a break from that. ill get back to Kz2 in a few minutes.

Slinger4203499d ago

Can someone tell me why it isn't up on the PSN but it's on Live?

earwax3499d ago

Yes...........because PSN sucks balls

Bnet3433499d ago

Xbox Live always get things first 90% of the time. Like Wheelman and Riddick demo, now COD WAW maps.

SonySoldierEternaL3499d ago

it'll be on later today for the PSN

be patient

BigKev453499d ago

Because Live is better. I kid, I kid.

SonySoldierEternaL3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

whoever disagreed with my comment (a fact) is truly an idiot

Dandiego3499d ago

I can't wait to play on PSN where people have Wi-Fi and ennemies leap 4 feet at a time... that stuff is great. I don't want the next systems to have integrated wifi... it sucks. Plug your damn system and WiFi your computer. You loose packets of information and games lag big time.

SonySoldierEternaL3499d ago


@ above

I game on wifi with my PS3 and there is absolutely no lag

stop lying. either that or get a better internet connection/router

TreborRversed3499d ago

They are up on there now, and for £7.99 for 4 maps, what a rip-off.

No thanks I'll stick with Killzone

Dandiego3499d ago

Hey Sony Solidier,

I have a 16 meg download internet, 1 meg upload and it still is jagedy here and there... you don't see it but others playing against you do... I've tried it and my connection is probably better than yours. Google it you'll see.. but coming from a guy whos name is sonysolidereternal I'm not suprised. Anything you say will have no credibility with a name like that.

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BigKev453499d ago

I got my map pack, yeah!

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