New feature on the Official PlayStation Forums: Kudos

Kudos is now active on the Official PlayStation Forums. This new feature allows users to demonstrate their appreciation of forum content that they find informative, helpful, or otherwise simply pleasing - all at the click of a button!

When a user gives kudos to a message they are essentially applauding the author for his/her efforts. When a message receives lots of kudos it can become highlighted within the community, and accordingly the more kudos an author receives the further his/her community reputation is enhanced.

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Hallucinate3598d ago

wut this is old theres been kudos since like a year ago

FreestyleBarnacle3598d ago

Kudos started yesterday on the eu forums. In the fast paced world of computer games I guess that is old. Carry on.

Vip3r3598d ago

It's talking about the EU forums.