PSX Extreme: Nobunaga's Ambition: Iron Triangle Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Some of you pessimists out there will say Koei is stuck in a rut that stretches back to the previous generation. There's a seemingly endless stream of action/strategy titles that always use a similar feudal Japan setting, and it's a premise that the Western gaming crowd has never quite embraced. They started to with the original Dynasty Warriors, but that was over eight years ago and…well, things appear to be old and stale. On the other hand, there's a select group of fans who enjoy Koei's continued efforts, and provided you have a meticulous nature (if you're a Koei follower, you probably do), Nobunaga's Ambition: Iron Triangle is for you. But as usual, this one is specifically designed for the hardcore aficionados out there; if you've never before indulged in such an experience, you may want to pass. There's a whole lot of depth, not a lot of flash, and enough classic strategy involvement to keep you occupied until kingdom come. If this is your bag, pay attention."

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