Eden Encore at GDC, not new PixelJunk

GameZine writes: "PixelJunk Eden Encore will be on show at GDC '09, but new game announcements will have to wait.

Some websites ran a story claiming that Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert would be demonstrating a new PixelJunk PSN game at next week's Game Developer's Conference. The inference arrived with a PlayStation press invitation."

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sinncross3500d ago

ahhh shud have known it was to good to believe. It seems like Sony are holding back announcements from GDC altogether this year to make a better E3 showing which is a much better idea.

I do see GDC possibly holding announcements of price drops to both PS3 and PSP (if indeed there will be one) so it won't be a completely uneventful from Sony's side.

techie3500d ago

Cant wait for Encore :D