PS3 Feature: The New Generation of Animation

IGN reports: "The gaming universe is forever evolving. With brand new technology in the hands of development teams these days, the limits for improvements in game design seem almost boundless. But it seems, at this point anyway, that visual elements like textures and lighting are getting the most attention when it comes to advancement. As for actual movement of in-game characters--well, that's another story."

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nix4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

poor EA. i think everyone who says "i'm a gamer and not a fanboy" should love this article. good stuff.

wow.. (not the vista 'wow') the star wars thing rocked! yup! we are all gonna to shout: "Wow, that looks like a cool character."


miasma4261d ago

My friends and i were just recently talking about a similar subject to this one. Yeah, all that "human" realism movement is cool with some characters, but sometimes too much realism kills it. For instance, i find with many sports games, the realistic movements are cool at times but overall, very unrealistic when performing moves that would require a great amount of agility in real life. i don't play sports often, but certain moves like jumping just look so unreal because of that sense of a moment with low gravity, when it should be quick and snappy. Thats jsut me.
i myself appreciate realism, but i agree with the article that it is important to get that artisic flair into the game, and make characters that you want to control. it's almost like comic books, there is some realism to them, just some, but the hyper realistic action and how it is drawn is what grabs audiences. thats the kind of stuff many gamers like as wel with games.
I bet that alot of games that are in development get dangerously close to focusing too much on visual detail that it ultimately kills the game experience, and that is very much on my mind when i see all the articles on this site showing screenshots that are just outrageous, i always say to myself, nice looking, BUT, what's it play like, is there a good story to it. A good recent example for me was gears of War (i know someone is going to kill me for this), i think that was one of the coolest games i have ever played, although it was short, it offered alot to enjoy in that time, lots of quality over quantity i guess. Anyway, after i was finished i find myself saying "OK, cool game, not much story, not much character development" and couple of other things, but those couple of things make that gaming experience for me a bit shallow. yet, other games i play don't quite have as much visually as Gears, but the storylines are great and i think about when i am not playing, like reading a book.
i guess what i am saying is, DON"T FORGET THE STORYLINES!! If the is no good stories it is like putting make-up on a pig, whats the point, it's still a pig...
Sorry for the ramble, i just got alot of thinking out when i read this article.

nix4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

after that did you play R:FOM? that had good story. or atleast better than Gears. he he he... kidding.

yeah.. i agree.. i like it best when characters react and i love it best when i play football (soccer i.e.). if the ball falls next to the player when the whistle blows (during halftime), the player actually picks up the ball with the help of his leg. that really looks cool and feels real (humane). there are lot of other things they keep doing. i find it funny when the AI player falls on his back while walking backwards looking at the ball (especially during corner kick). if you keep those little things in mind along with the gameplay, "winning eleven series" is a superb game!

Toolman4261d ago

Good read. Graphics are not everything, but they sure help alot.
Looking forward to Assassins creed, the animation they have shown so far looks fantastic

wildcat4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

I wonder if they might be able to perfect a basketball game this gen where everyone moves fluidly, your opponents don't feel like walls, and you don't feel like you're floating when you jump.

nicodemus4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Once developers start integrating Euphoria, the experience will be just unbelievable. I hope they can get it this generation of consoles-- I'll actually start buying sports games again!

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