Global Game: F.E.A.R. 2 Review

Global Game: FEAR First Encounter Assault Recon, a special and last but not least, a secret outfit whose teams are called out to events, where even the bar is alsónadrággal flee Swat commandos. In the first part of this team we were a member of a mentally and physically trained individual soldiers (one point) who will be responsible for a game during the rise to find the source of paranormal events, as well as hand out the crazy soldier, Paxton Fettelt. Well, this is not whacking task would seem, if not always in our way would be hi-tech klónkatonái Paxton, and the little 8-year-old, Japan horrorfilmekbol immersed in a long black-haired, bad-looking girl named Alma. Many people in this case, the question arises, what can be an 8-year-old girl to a trained soldier, who does not fear anything? The answer to this, olyasféle things that are not made in the darkest dream.

Therefore, returned to Apple, if not in the old form, but only to mention a remarkably. Even faster, even akciódúsabb, even szétlövosebb every game, coarse and abstract fee-faw-fum Apple is expected to brave player, who will enter a dance with Miss formidable. Since the beginning of the year somewhat sparse appearances of all kinds is therefore recommended to obtain and to anyone who loves the FPS-s, and of course to those who loved the series, because if a big bomb, as the first part did not, but a a good action-horror game will be part of this guarantee. I got scared once or twice a roughly 10 hours out with the game. But good.

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