The DoFuss Podcast – Code Frog Studios

Dofuss says: "#HUGE SPOILER for Resident Evil 5 this week, do not listen between 19:36 and 21:18 if you do not want me to ruin the game for you (you have been warned)!#

This one is going up a bit late thanks to a busy few weeks of work, games and site updates. It is a good one though, even if it is a little shorter than usual.

I take a trip to the UK to meet up with Darren and take DoFuss on the road for an early preview of Code Frogs upcoming title NintenDon King for Wii. On the way we get a chance chat. Darren finally gets around to revisiting Robocop 3 on the Amiga. I however get to tackle something a bit more contemporary with Resident Evil 5 and try to work out my conflicting emotions about it."

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