New Dragon Quest IX screenshots

Square Enix published a set of new screenshots from Dragon Quest IX. Check them below.

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Marceles3504d ago

The DS has been bringing out some pretty good games lately: GTA Chinatown Wars, Valkyrie Profile, Suikoden, Avalon Code...

diefor3504d ago

One of the most anticipated game this year on DS.

kewlkat0073504d ago

Oh their alive...

If Konomi is not gonna give us a "Symphony of The Night 2" in stead of the 3D crap, Nintendo will take what they can on the DS. That's that great 2D versions of the game every time.

This one should be good as well.

PS360WII3504d ago

Excellent :) glad the game is back on track to being released this year... hopefully the localization doesn't take to long

TriforceLightning3504d ago

DQ 9 is going to be released this summer and with that the DS should be set for the year sales wise.The faster they release this game the sooner we could be playing DQ 10 on the Wii.