Falcom confirms Ys Seven for PSP

Falcom has at long last shared platform details for the two Ys games that were announced at the Ys Falcom Festa event from two weeks back. Both Ys Seven and Ys I&II Chronices are set for PSP.

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jams_shop3504d ago

I love Falcom games. Their style brings many good memories of the PS1 era. I'm glad they are still supporting the PSP.

40cal3504d ago

How many games are coming out for the PSP this year? It seems like every time I turn around a new game gets announced.

cliffbo3504d ago

LOLOL!!!!!! i just this minute turned to my friend and said exactly the same thing!! it's simply astonishing the support this dead handheld is getting. Sony said it would be the year of the PSP and i think they were telling the truth. amazing

TheTwelve3504d ago full of very hard, but very solid action RPGs. Been playing them since I was 13. Looking forward to this.


BlackIceJoe3504d ago

I so love the YS series. It is to bad not many of come out of Japan. I hope some one brings these to the US. May be Atlus or XSeed. May be better yet Falcom open up a US branch so they can bring over more of there games like YS and the new Brandish game.

I so hope these new YS games sell for Falcom because they have made some really great games like Gurumin and the The Legend of Heroes series.