Half Life Viral? More info...

The Start Screen's Chatterbox writes:

"Nothing has been confirmed from any parties about the "Whats in the box" video, but a find pops out that immediately suggests it's relation to the Half Life Series, and a possible viral.
Freeze frame the video at 1:22 and you'll notice at the bottom on the ticker this line:
"Millions feared dead … no news from disaster area … Largest single collapse in history since Black Mesa"
Many have touted this as a fan film, but some new information has come to light on the subject.


Get a wiggle and jump."

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ParanoidMonkey3498d ago

Interesting. Whatever that was, it was certainly cool. I wouldn't be TOO surprised if this were a fan film, but as the article points out, there's a lot of budget going into this.

If this is indeed a viral site for Half-Life 2: Episode 3, I can see that box being a new toy akin to the grav gun or something. Either way, color me intrigued.

ry-guy3498d ago

The people over at /Film have been trying to dissect the video since it was posted over there yesterday. The advertised website has a copyright date of 2007, which makes it odd if it is advertising an unannounced game. A lot of people think its just a special effects demo for someone looking for a job. It does mention Black Mesa during the video in one of the news scrawls. etc etc

If you look hard enough you could find connections to anything.

AliC3498d ago

Did anyone see the Blue Screen of Death, not sure if that means anything but I found it funny to see.

vampirehead3498d ago

I found an interesting discussion about it in the forums at Penny Arcade


Sangria3498d ago

Strange, i can't know if it's a professional or amateur video.
Backgrounds, actors and image quality are obviously amateur but special effects are really high and only professional or highly skilled persons can do that.

The fact that the viral site is nederland and the entrance of the bus is written in nederland makes me believe this movie has been made by cinema or audiovisual-related students for a school contest. But if it's the case, i'm very impressed by the quality of special effects. This is a very good job.

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