Sony details PlayStation Home updates

Home users have some major updates to look forward to shortly. Joining a new lounge for Minna de Spelunker today, Sony and Capcom will be teaming up next week for a new Resident Evil 5 Photo Studio mini game and some Street Fighter IV items.

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Jerk1203500d ago

Someone needs to hurry and tell Capcom that Home sucks.

LeGenDx3500d ago

home is awesome... i want my 3d trophies!

Fatal Blow3500d ago

Can't wait for ea's home space look's amazing we should be seeing it in the first q1

rockleex3500d ago

Can't wait to see all the new features. ^_^

nothere4133500d ago

Why would you let those prostitutes at EA into our Home?

EA and their DRM and their crappy PS3 ports...

They don't care about the gamers, so why should we care about them?

TheDude2dot03499d ago

Because they own the Rock Band IP.

SmokingMonkey3500d ago

Home just needs more

more Home items from games

trophies should unlock Home and LBP items clothing etc etc

xionpunk3500d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. i was surprised when I got the Akuma 10 shirt for Home by playing SFIV. If all games did stuff like that (plus the Home trophy room) I would love it.

ZILLA3500d ago

HOME will soon be the launching pad for the online gaming world.ITS AMAZING!!

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