Metal Gear Solid 4 wallpapers

Kojima Productions are showing off wallpapers with Solid Snake,Raiden,Liquid Ocelot,Meryl,Otacon,Colonel and Naomi Hunter, it's a character show off and it shows how good MGS4 - Guns Of The Patriots will look, Kojima Productions releases one picture a week and so far they have showed Otacon,Radien,Meryl,Liquid Ocelot and Colonel.  

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Fikret_Mehmeti5813d ago

My list:
3.Liquid Ocelot

The_Firestarter5812d ago

I really want the Raiden wallpaper or the Solid Snake wallpaper! Ironic, isn't it? The two coolest wallpapers aren't even up for grabs yet, damn it Konami! I want'em! T_T :P