Is it a bad idea for IBM to buy Sun?

Stranger things have happened, but there are several reasons why IBM buying Sun Microsystems could, to borrow a phrase from former Sun Chief Executive Scott McNealy, be like two garbage trucks colliding in slow motion.

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FantasyStar3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I can imagine IBM creating a proprietary Java network and forcing coders to pony up the dough for the "exclusive" ThinkPads. If you catch my drift. IBMs been pretty quiet on the PC front for sometime since they sold off most of their manufacturing companies, but this is certainly news to me.

I would think Sun is more powerful than this seeing as they can claim they form the backbone of x86 systems w/ Java alone. I've never known a more friendly code language than Java. Except for VB.....if you want to go there.

I'd rather Sun stay independent, if they can. For N4PS3G: it's like saying that Sony should sell out to Microsoft if you guys didn't understand my technobabble: the analogy is quite the same considering it's two giants.

FantasyStar3597d ago

Good ol' Anubis bringing us the good PC/Tech news. =D

Ju3597d ago

I hope they won't be sold. Would be another episode in the book "How Greed destroys Talent".

N4g_null3597d ago

Ju you are so right. If any thing SUN should sell them the rights to use certain things but selling the whole company would actually be bad for the USA period. So far bigger just means more problems.

solidt123597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I know this is under Tech. But, WTF does this have to do with gaming?

DeadlyFire3597d ago

Well there are a few Java games on the net. IBM and Sun are great companies. If they merged I don't know what would happen. If anything. It seems like IBM has been interested in x86 recently though.

N4g_null3597d ago

IBM created the chips in all console this gen that's what it has to do with gaming. Sun owns a nice portfolio of chips that could actually help IBM out and the whole java thing would make a big difference in programming tools.