Consumers don't want web filtering - survey

NINE in 10 people expect their internet service providers (ISPs) to offer open and unrestricted access to the web, a survey has found.

The survey, commissioned by Google, Yahoo and Skype, came as the EU holds talks on a joint deal to reform telecoms rules to boost competition.

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andron3597d ago

Those who want net filters can install it on their own pcs.

But ISP filters would destroy the net. Who would decide what gets filtered and what get through?

FinalFantasyFanatic3597d ago

In Australia it would be our government, although I've heard that they might only have one person approving sites for the black list is which pretty scary.

I don't see why they didn't promote the downloadable filter that the government developed instead of getting rid of it and imposing an ISP level filter.

andron3597d ago

How does that work? Are there many sites you can't visit?

They are talking about ISP filters in Europe too, so I hope it doesn't happen...