Microsoft: We'll Take On Anyone With IE8 Writes:

"Microsoft has issued a clarion call as it releases Internet Explorer 8 – saying that it is prepared to 'take on anyone' as it seeks to keep its place as market leader in the browser wars.

Speaking to TechRadar ahead of the launch of IE8, John Curran, the Windows Business Group Lead in the UK, insisted that the company is prepared to take on all comers with its latest offering, insisting that Internet Explorer offers the 'best of both worlds'."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Get this trash out of my face. Firefox all the way.

madpuppy3502d ago

and they always end up with egg on their face. The company is too big and to steeped in corporate bureaucracy.

Tony P3502d ago

You'll take on anyone, but will you win?

I won't be basing my choice of browsers off who TALKS the best game.

Let's see if it's worth the effort of making challenges when IE goes live.

Insanium3501d ago

IE8? Me and my trusty Flock aren't scared. Bring it on MS. Bring. It. ON.

Awookie3502d ago

Yea ok i haven't use IE in like 8 years and if they don't wow me with something revolutionary ill pass

II Necroplasm II3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I will try it as soon as it comes out but if it crashes like 7... then the hell with internet explorer. I'll just stick with Chrome until then, since it's the fastest I have used.

Microsoft Xbox 3603501d ago

Chrome is fast but in my experience it crashes more than Firefox. Which is why I'm sticking with FF right now. That and plugins too. :) But I do keep Chrome installed though.

II Necroplasm II3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I use both too

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The story is too old to be commented.