Yakuza 3 Ships More Than 500,000 Copies in Japan; Yakuza Series Ships 3.2 Million Globally

Sega announced today that Yakuza 3 has shipped more than 500,000 copies in just 3 weeks in Japan, and the Yakuza series has shipped 3.2 million copies globally.

They also have various plans to thank the fans of the series.

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fishd3503d ago

Neaxt time add English subtitle please.

- Ghost of Sparta -3503d ago

More than 440,000 copies have been sold for Yakuza 3. That alone makes this a success in Japan. Now bring this to the States 'cause I loved the demo.

XxZxX3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

stupid Square Enix, you could be annoucing today along with Yakuza too, or even better result, ya know. Sigh, nobody removed the bullets in your foot yet..I see at least two bullets hole there.. Awwwwww

Danja3503d ago

Nomura must be secretly laughing his ass off at

well done SEGA great game..and it deserves more plz release worldwide while ppl are still interested

mpmaley3502d ago

@ 1.3

I agree on the Nomura comment.

I really hope they bring this game here.

I saw an imported version recently and wanted to get it but didn't think the $90 price tag was worth it when I can't read JP :(

sonarus3502d ago

Good news for sega...they certainly deserve this one. They could easily see another 500,000 if released in the for the rest of the world

INehalemEXI3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I want Yakuza Kenzan to come to the states too.

animboo3502d ago

shouldn't there be a petition to bring this to the rest of the world, if Sega see's how many are signing up they might release it..

callahan093502d ago

Yeah, I really want them to bring this out w/ English subs, too. English voices are unnecessary, in fact, I wouldn't even use them if the option was there between dub and subtitles. I'm waiting, because I feel like this game has a good chance of getting an English release. I imported Yakuza Kenzan! though because something tells me that'll never get an English release...

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remanutd553503d ago

sega you better bring yakuza3 to the states and next time add english subtitles so that way i wont have to be waiting on the localization

LostDjinn3503d ago

Both Sega and Sony must be pleased.
Now if those companies would be kind enough to let the rest of the world have access to this everyone will be happy.

XDF3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Microsoft already paid for Star OCean to be on x360 and the sales beat WKC in Japan.

I am playing Star Ocean now on my x360.

So when is WKC or Yakuza coming out in NA/Europe again?

Isn't the ability to play games on time better than shouting Japanese sales figure that I can care less about because I can't play it.

ps921173502d ago

ahh damn sure wkc(first week 206954 and beat mgs4 and dmc4 in second week sales lol) outsold SO4 in japan lol, oh and maybe it will be released here after ngs2 and mass effect are released for ps3, never know though.

hweita3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

It's funny how you said playing games is better than shouting Japanese sale figures.. yet in the first line you compared SO4 sales to WKC.

In fact in Japan WKC has sold more than 300,000 and SO4 is barely making 200,000. As for Valkyria Chronicles it has sold 150,000, which is no small feat by a new IP. A new anime is coming out for it, which shows how popular it is in Japan, and it doesn't hurt that it's critically acclaimed even in the West.

Finally, Japanese sales figure actually do matter as it affects how Japanese developers choose their platforms and regions to release their games.

MURKERR3502d ago

go check your facts WKC has outold SO4, ohwel....better luck next time

x2093502d ago


1,Then why are you here??

2,As long as it pisses you off.

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sunnygrg3503d ago

By a special "thank you," do they mean the NA release date will change from TBD to Q2 2009?

Etseix3502d ago

maybe they dont want to make a NA release yet... until they see that many ppl wants it
well maybe im goin to import this with Demon's Soul :P

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