Electronic Arts' Price Gouging at Its Worst

GameStooge is outraged by Electronic Arts' Xbox Live Arcade price gouging.

Excerpt: "Electronic Arts has taken out the price gouging gun and shoved it straight in your face, in an outrageous and stupid way.

Apparently, Hasbro Family Game Night is a 235MB host to buy each of the games. Separately. For $10 each.

Yes, you have to buy each game of the bundle that Wii and PS2 owners get for a single price. Considering there are going to be seven games, that means you're going to be paying $70 for something that costs other systems $30. That's a helluva price jump for Achievements - and not all of the games are available yet. Boggle, Sorry! and Sorry! Sliders will be out sometime in the future.

No, seriously, Connect Four and Battleship for $10 *each*? Someone on XNA can whip up a 99 cent clone of them, and probably make them interesting."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3594d ago

owners just play flash versions in their browsers?

JonahFalcon3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

No, they're just $10 "downloadable" content.

Also, Scrabble has no Vs. CPU option. WTF?

DJ3594d ago

I just download videos off the web straight to my PS3. Never tried any of the flash-based web games, though i'm sure they work just fine.

Kushan3594d ago

This is EA we're talking about, here. Of course they're going to squeeze as much as they can from people. I hear that MLB 09 comes with a code in the box that you need for online play, so you can't just buy a used copy of the game without having to pay to play it online. They're a Joke.

VaTechfan903594d ago

umm EA doesn't make MLB 09 sony does

Kushan3594d ago

I think there's 2 different series with the same license?

VaTechfan903594d ago

I don't think so atleast not in America theres just MLB 09 the show made by SCEA and MLB 2k9 made by take 2 interactive. I could be wrong though it would't be the first time lol

Kushan3594d ago

MLB 2k9 is what I'm thinking of. My mistake for thinking it was EA, though, I don't care for baseball games, I don't even come from America =P

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Dlacy13g3594d ago

I downloaded the "room" yesterday and it all felt nice and fun...then realized I had to pay 800 pts for each game! I was initially completely shocked and angered! Each game? I mean each game feels like a $5 purchase at best!

Then I started to think about things...specifically EA's parnter in this Hasbro. If I were to go out and buy each of these "board" games I would pay the following according to (keep in mind I found the most basic form of the game at the cheapest price for the physical game not software versions):

Connect Four - $14.99 US
Sorry - $16.99 US
Battleship - $26.00 US
Yahtzee - $8.99 US
Scrabble - $19.25 US
Bogggle - $13.97 US

Total for all 6 = $100.19 US!

So...I realize there are slight differences to playing on a board game vs a video game. but that all said...the pricing truthfully is better than what you would pay for if you bought them at an actual store.

I think EA and Hasbro should have come in at the $5 to $8 range on each game, and thus nobody would be as crazed about it but at $10 a game ...some of those are actually pretty good deals considering.

JonahFalcon3594d ago

Um, you can't compare. You're paying for PHYSICAL PIECES for the board games. You're paying for the manufacturing costs of pieces, boards, and cards. Physical objects.

Let's look at a more direct comparison:

PS2 version: $19.99
Wii version: $36.99


Covenant3594d ago

Corporate anyone else sick of it?

(And I'm a free-market Libertarian...)

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