DigitalSpy: Halo Wars Review

DigitalSpy: "Regardless, you can't help but be amazed at how an RTS is so console-friendly, and by the amount of content there is shoved into Halo Wars. The high level play that continues to make Halo one of the 360's most played titles is also here; campaign missions have multiple side objectives, black boxes and skulls to find, scores to boost and achievements to strive for - a single playthrough isn't enough. While it's not as polished or as tweaked as its first-person cousins, it offers the same level of visceral action and depth the series prides itself on. An incredibly accomplished RTS and faithful continuance of the Halo name, Warthogs and all, both followers of the genre and the franchise will feel at home here. Ad going by the popularity of both, that's an awful lot of happy people."

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