X-Play: GTA: Chinatown Wars Review

Chinatown Wars is the culmination of years of work as well as the spirit of ingenuity to bring one of the biggest series to the smallest screen. Nothing in the game feels half done or forced. If anything, the game feels like a development team having fun with a concept. Everything from being able to ram police cars, rampage missions, the touch screen mini-games, and even the story has this sense of fun underlining every bullet fired. Even if you are not a fan of the series, you will be doing yourself a favor by taking this tiny terror out for a spin.

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PS360WII3499d ago

Good for Rockstar Leeds. Prominent handheld developer

Marceles3499d ago

Yeah they did a great job on the game. I knew the game would be cool once I had to put the screwdriver into the ignition and make circles with the stylus to jack the car. What it lacks from the next gen games it makes up for with those kind of different things, it's really well done

DragonWarrior_43499d ago

I now have a legitimate reason to get a DS now.

Jinxstar3499d ago

Great game. I love the stat tracking and everything too. Kinda cool

Torch3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Yeah, I hear you. Although my DS has been sitting in my house doing absolutely nothing almost since buying it a year-and-a-half ago, this is the very first time where I feel justified in owning it. Great game.

By the way, never in my life have I had such a dilemma with rationing my already-limited time across so many platforms at one moment:

DS: Chinatown Wars
PSP: Resistance: Retribution
PS3: Killzone 2 (among many neglected others)
Wii: Madworld...err, and HOTD: Overkill (guilty pleasure!)
PC: Left 4 Dead (among many neglected others)


Jinxstar3499d ago

@ torch.

I'm in the same situation with consoles as you. I have all them bastages as well and have nearly the same set up for neglected games...

I feel totally justified in my DS purchase and have for a while. I had a choice between CW and RE5 and took the DS game... I feel it was a good choice too.

Conan9973499d ago

Adam said "does anyone smell irony, or is that Canadian guys' stash?"

Uh-oh, name dropping for TheCanadianGuy420 on N4G, hah!

Torch3499d ago

Heh, heh...yeah, I suppose we could be cursed with worse problems than having too many good games, eh?

Cheers, and Happy Gaming!

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LeonSKennedy4Life3499d ago

This game looks really cool.

I mean...I can't really see it being better than the regular GTA's...but it does look cool.

Arcturus3499d ago

having a blast with it so far

Torch3499d ago

I highly recommend it for any DS owner who's into this genre, as I think they'll be pleasantly surprised - as I was.

Cheeseknight283499d ago

Gonna pick this and Madworld up tomorrow.

It's going to be an awesome weekend!

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