Thunderbolt Games: Madworld Review

Thunderbolt: "MadWorld has a lot going for it. It's got an intriguing story that examines the violence and excesses of our society. The combat is brutal and bloody, but it's also incredibly fun. There's something alluring (if not utterly perverse) about mowing down hapless foes with a chainsaw, all while being cheered on by the viewers. With so many weapons, objects, and environmental hazards to use, you'll find plenty of ways prolong the suffering of your enemies. Despite the occasional slowdown issues, the levels are incredibly stylish and make the experience far more interesting than if it were depicted with realistic imagery. Unfortunately, MadWorld falls short of its potential. The camera and targeting mechanics are bad, almost game-ruining awful. What really kills this game's appeal is its brevity; since you can beat this in only a few hours, the high price tag might not be justified. However, it's still one of the most fun, entertaining, and unique titles on the Wii. Who says violence in video games is a bad thing?"


+ The story is an interesting perspective of violence and the excesses of society.
+ The combat is some of the most brutal and gory you'll ever see in a video game.
+ There are several fun and entertaining ways to make your enemies suffer.
+ Plenty of humor, especially from the superb commentators.
+ It's got style to spare.


- The camera and targeting mechanics are horrid.
- The game is far too brief to merit its high price tag.

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