IGN AU: Bayonetta Progress Report

Bayonetta is hugely versatile, with weapons secreted about her entire body - she has two guns strapped to her boots, but can also dual wield in her hands, or switch to a sword. Lightning fast melee attacks chain into weapon attacks, which chain into hair attacks. Yes, hair attacks. As you've probably heard, Bayonetta utilises her long black locks as a weapon.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

What happened to the graphics? I've seen better looking Wii games. The Conduit, for example.

Even PS2 games.

NewZealander3498d ago

dare i say it looks like another DMC rip-off game that will probably be awefull, surely it cant be as bad as ninja blade tho.

Marceles3498d ago

Yeah it pretty much looks like DMC4...maybe even worse. I never understood that first article that tried to hype the graphics of this game. doesn't look amazing. I cant believe the people who said it doesn't look that good even got disagrees. You have to be easily impressed to be hyped over the visuals then. Yes some people that worked at Clover are working for Platinum Games but the visuals are pretty much based on the DMC guy's vision since he's directing the game, not Okami or Viewtiful Joe

Pheonix033498d ago

Excellent! Glad to see Bayonetta getting some attention! Hopefully information will be coming out normally, now that Madworld is released.

And people, graphics aren't everything. Gameplay is always the most important factor in a game, and Hideki Kamiya always puts gameplay first.