'Livening' Up the PC Crowd

Microsoft announced the official release date for Games for Windows Live today, but will the average PC gamer bite the $50 price tag for the premium service? And what about third party developer support? Next-Gen speaks with Xbox Live product manager Aaron Greenberg…

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CompGeek4627d ago

This guy is the biggest idiot in the world, as is the rest of microsoft. No way on freakin Earth I'm paying $50 a year for something like GFW, PC already has more than live can offer, what a waste of money. "Xbox Live Silver offers a similar experience to what a PC has"? Don't think so retard, PC already has more than live can offer, no one wants your GFW crap.

iballa4627d ago

paying to play pc games online!!! lol its free already you morons!!

I would rather spend my money on a broken jar of ear wax.

Black Republican4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

"paying to play pc games online!!! lol its free already you morons!!"

you are not paying to play online moron, you are paying to play also online with xbox 360 users.
If you already have xbox live for your xbox it is free for pc.

Basically games are still free online, if you get live you pay to play xbox 360 live ppl and other features obviouslly you know nothing of.

PPL pay for to play games that are cross platform & compatible with this), that is adding 6 million more ppl to all current pc online users for a compatible game.

and adding how many ppl more for xbox 360 users online??? I cannot answer that question

uuuunvnv24627d ago

you only have to pay if you want to play with 360 friends. its still free to play with only pc players. its a good idea, if you want to play with people that will actually talk and not just type.

Rooted_Dust4627d ago

Do you think that consoles have a monopoly on microphones? A mic is almost a necessity now in online PC games.

uuuunvnv24627d ago

oh yea rooted? then why in the world when i play BF2, WoW, or UT2k4 all anyone does is type? i have never heard a single voice!!! so no i dont think that consoles have a monopoly on mic's, but they are obviously the only people smart enough to use them!!!

Ps3Fanboy7774627d ago

Not a chance in &&&....

Ill stick with Xfire and other free services. You can keep 360 and the horrible over priced Live System..

Shadowrun gimps your aim and im suppose to pay for this? I dont think so...

Better hope no one releases DX10 on Windows XP either. Wont be the first time someone has emulated graphics before...

I would switch to apple or linux in a heart beat if they find a way to get DX10 on another platform... With linux and apple becoming more popular i bet it wont be that long...