Tecmo Launches Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Teaser Site, Official Website to Launch on March 25th

Today Tecmo launched its Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 teaser site, with the official website set to launch on March 25th

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Sevir043503d ago

i cant wait too see what this game will look like on the PS3..

TheHater3503d ago

As for now, it will probable look around the same as the xbox 360 version. Tecmo stated that they are only about 50% complete with the game.

xino3501d ago

Nice try fanboy, they will be the same, but if you play it on PS3, you will clearly see a DIFFERENCE!

Sigma uses bloom effects, that makes the game colour glowing.
Plus Ryu's modelleing will look better.

Anyway, one thing I just hope they fix is the slow down. If we can have so much enemies on screen at once without the game lagging.
I've recently played games with so much enemies on screen without game lagging, and it's hell fun. Resident Evil 5, X-Blades and Left 4 Dead.

Gambit073503d ago

Please somebody fix the camera!!!

kewlkat0073501d ago

Thats was my biggest annoying gripe on NG2. I'm not sure how good TECMO is on listening to user complaints.