Dissenting Opinion: Resident Evil 5

It's provocative, but is Resident Evil 5 fun? Tom Chick provides a second opinion on the game:

"Scott Jones' review of Resident Evil 5 says things that need to be said. To his credit, he leads with an admission of his own white guilt, expressed in that quintessential moment when white guilt dawns: being shown "The Birth of a Nation" in some undergraduate class where you probably also watched "Triumph of the Will." Scott goes on to hold Resident Evil 5 to the same standards we hold for other forms of entertainment. He argues forcefully that Capcom's Japanese parochialism is outdated and inappropriate. These are good points, and Scott makes them in exactly the right place. There's been plenty of fretting about Resident Evil 5 up to now, and there's no reason to stop when it comes to reviewing the actual game."

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andron3499d ago

It nails part of why I like RE5....