Blockbuster Trade-In Promotion

NextGen Player writes:

"Blockbuster is currently running a trade-in promotion where they are giving a minimum $10 credit for any Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii games as well as a minimum $6 credit on all Nintendo DS games.

This promotion runs from March 10th to March 23rd."

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AllAroundGaMeR1233594d ago

This sounds like a bunch of B.S to me !

Amazon and NOW BB ??!??!?!

xabmol3594d ago

A whole 10 dollars?!

What ever happened to getting $20-$30 a game? It used to actually be worth sellin 'em. I tried to sell GTA4 after I bought it and blockbuster would only give me $5. I still have it...

soxfan20053594d ago

It says a MINIMUM of $10.

xabmol3593d ago

But I would still only get $10 for GTA4 and every other game I have, except for maybe KZ2. But why would I sell KZ2?

I just don't see anything less than $20 as being worth my games I payed 60 for. Especially when they turn around and sell them for $40-$50.

paulhunter3594d ago

Not sure about in the US, I'd call around or check your local store.

PoSTedUP3594d ago

yea so any game for at least 10$. like strangle hold (which is worth like 4 dollars) they will give it to you for 10$. same thing for madden 07...

*searches through collection for old games to sell* : )