1up: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Review

1up: "The game also features a full, 3D overworld map (in which you can battle with your friends and smack them around for a paltry 1 damage point each), which is a lot nicer than the previous DS game's menu-heavy navigation system. Overall, I found FFCC:EOT to be a significant improvement in which I was much more easily able to recruit real-life allies to join me in my adventuring -- which is what the game is all about. That it's got a lengthy, if juvenile, game quest under the hood, in which the game's villain is revealed to you in the opening cutscene, is icing on the cake. But it's the seamless transitioning of the single-player to the multiplayer (you can hop in and out from one to the other at any save point) that really seals the deal."

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