Early Media Create (3/9 - 3/15) hardware numbers

PSP - 43300
DSi - 28500
PS3 - 28000
Wii - 17000
DSL - 11500
X360 - 9500
PS2 - 4600

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Blasphemy3501d ago

PS3 and PSP seem to be on a roll right now.

John Hendry Eden3501d ago

At least in Japan, since those 2 consoles are taking a serious beating everywhere else.

MAR-TYR-DOM3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

the award for the most retarded comment of the day goes too..... John Hendry Eden.

Prize? Click the "Open Zone" tab next time

Awesome Possum3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Say John how much did it sell during those days in America or Europe? edit: I take the silence as you dont know anything about it.

morganfell3501d ago

The Wii rode hard on the backs of grandmas, and casual gamers and frankly there is no staying power in such an audience. I expect the NPD numbers arriving tomorrow will show the last bit of dominance. After that, the Wii chinks in the armor will become even more numerous until they get the first flail or swinging mace to the head. Once they go down and are knocked off their horse and out of first place they won't recover. I am even hearing things from Gamestop when I call such as "Thanks for calling Gamestop where we have Wiis in stock."

Guess what? No one cares.

As for Eden, just put him on ignore. I do not know what he said just now nor do I care. I saw a few comments from him yesterday and knew what to click. Goodbye John Henry.

Jamegohanssj53501d ago

Awesome! We got the Wii 3 weeks in a row! When does Advent Children release? We must keep this up.


Saigon3501d ago

are still unexpected...glad to see the PS3 leading the home based console...if this price drop does occur next week...God Bless Sony...and the question I have...will they have enough stock to hold the fort for the next couple of weeks...

BulletToothtony3501d ago

and a new troll comes out with the same terrible trolling..

John go to kotaku they'll love you there.. your trolling still pathetic and i don't care if you took 2 of my bubbles.. i still enjoy my games while you're still bitter..

hope you get banned again

myothercar3501d ago

It comes out April 16th and is ranked #2 on

cryymoar3501d ago

not even close. At my store, the PS3 has definitely been outselling the xb360. I've had one guy bring his xb360 system back 3 times already because his refurb was junk. Another lady had two of system unable to display. And countless number of people calling asking if they could take their defective unit to another store.
I am expecting to see a very small gap between the xb360 and the PS3 in NA, if not, the PS3 in the lead.

Darkfocus3501d ago

how do you ignore users?

eagle213501d ago

get ready for 5+ more years of PS3 excellence. :)

Narutone663501d ago

doing very well. Congratulation is in order.
As for the troll, remove his bubbles first before ignoring him.

rockleex3500d ago

Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest come out for the Wii? Does anyone know what Sony has coming out in the same time frame as those two games?

I'm curious to see how much that will impact hardware sales.

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pwnsause3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

as expected the PS3 outsold the wii again this week in Japan. But the numbers are pretty low.

To see the PSP at the top makes me really happy.

as for the PS2, it looks like it's end is near, but its still selling. They weren't kidding that it can last for 10 years.

jams_shop3501d ago

The PSP has the handheld area, and PS3 the console area and the PS2 making easy money. I wonder how much it costs SONY to manufacture a PS2?

TheHater3501d ago

It isn't in the top 40. You would think that game would sell more considering it is one of the most popular JRPG in Japan.

On the other hand
37 PS3 Demon's Souls 4200 / 98100
Wow Demon's Souls got some legs and it very close to 100K in Japan along. Do anyone know how much it sold it Asia because it been sold out on I been trying to import this game for the past month and it been sold out.

resistance1003501d ago

Star Ocean has failed in Japan. Heres hoping S-E have any sense and release it on PS3

myothercar3501d ago

No Japanese developer in their right mind would do another 360 exclusive unless they are thoroughly bribed- er, I mean, uh, assisted financially- by MS.

Simon_Brezhnev3501d ago

demons souls is a hard ass game i just got it monday its like the old sega/snes games where if u die you start from beginning but in demons souls when u die u start with half your health but i do like the game

ThePlaystation3guy3501d ago

Star Ocean 4 failed to make the top 40? Sucks for Square Enix. I hope that 'assistance' from Microsoft really worked in the end for them. It's shame because it would have sold HUGE on the PS3, but I guess we will just have to wait until 2010 for Star Ocean on our fav. system.

That's AWESOME news about Demon's Soul. Next week it will reach the 100K mark! The little Japanese Oblivion wannabe that could!

I wonder if we'll hear about a publisher picking it up at E3?

Danja3501d ago

Doesn't Sony own publishing rights to Demon Souls ?

would love for them to bring it over in the US though....if not i'll have to import

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