Wii more memorable than McDondalds' Snack Wrap or Gilette Fusion Power

A marketing agency has revealed that the advertisements for the Wii managed to stabilize in the minds of consumers more so than the likes of McDonald's latest food offerings and the Gilette Fusion Power razor set. The Wii was pipped to the number one spot by KFC's Famous Bowls by 2%.

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Neutral Gamer4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Think about it, how many times a day do you need to go for a "Wii" compared to eating at McDonalds or using a razor?

No wonder it's embedded in people's minds.

Ha ha, makes perfect sense(!)

Robotz Rule4262d ago

The wii is just a fad that will pass overtime,sure it's doing good but in a few months to come ps3 & xbox 360 will take over!!!

Covenant4262d ago

Can't make a good joke about a "snack wrap" or a "fusion." But Wii...haven't we all had a good time with that one? It's easy to remember, too--I mean, how many times a day do you...wii?

(Couldn't resist)

Covenant4262d ago's wii t-shirt: "Real men Wii standing up." Check it out.

(I swear, that's my last Wii joke!)

MySwordIsHeavenly4262d ago

I gotta give it to you.

I agree with Robots Rule though. Nintendo had innovation going for them...but I don't believe it "can keep it up"...haha.

The PS3 and 360 will pwn that thing in the long run. It's just not good for FPS's...and it's lacking RPG's...which means...United States and Europe won't be the best place for Wii. I AM looking forward to Sadness though. SWEET SURVIVAL HORROR!

I don't believe this. November 17th was imprinted into my mind like i'd never thought before. That was "the day of destiny" for me. Anyone else have their first console launch experience last year? Wasn't it the best thing in the whole world? LAUNCHES RULE!!!

The snack wrap is freakin' DELICIOUS! If you haven't had one, you must die! It's the best thing there. I don't even get Big Macs anymore!!!

GO SNACK WRAPS. Oh, and I have a Fusion. It's probably the best...but it's not leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. LOVE IT THOUGH!!!

Much love ya'll.

Jake is goin' for MOTORSTORM NOW!!! Maybe some GH2 after that. Dang, I need DEAD RISING!!!