Official: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Hits PS3 This Fall

Tecmo just sent out a media alert confirming that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is heading exclusively to the PlayStation 3 this fall.

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blackpanther253591d ago

i don't what to say. I love ninja gaiden sigma, but damn there are so many hot games comin out this year.

Freakwave0033591d ago

lmao, love your Joker Hope picture.

pwnsause3591d ago

start saving your money for this fall. you know PS owners are going broke this fall season.

rogimusprime3591d ago

to all the people who cried " bu bu bu....Microsoft is the owns the rights to NGII and it will never come to the PS3"

Hahaha. I own all the ninja Gaidens-Black, Sigma, NGII, and will probably grab this as well if there is enough fresh content.

NGII was a great game, but it felt a bit rushed. Collecting skulls for no rewards but just an achievement? I chalk it up to the falling out that Itakagi had with TECMO.

Hopefully they add some more polish this time around. And take that worthless flame phoenix ninpo out.

John Hendry Eden3591d ago

I hope this game doesn't bomb like Sigma 1.

Bnet3433591d ago

lol Tecmo really phucked over Itagaki and his Xbox fans. Oh well ...

Elven63591d ago

Its no surprise NG II was plagued with development problems, the fact that Itagaki publicly attacked his company days before the games release is a prime example. If given the time perhaps Itagaki's original dream could be realized?

I picked up NG II for $40 it was well worth it asides from its issues, good to see PS3 owners can also experience it.

Jamegohanssj53591d ago

This will probably be my game of the year to be honest. I can't wait to get it because I will have a reason to also get a Dual Shock 3. I think I may actually snap the controller in half this time. In sigma I got close on many occasions.


morganfell3591d ago

If you played NG Sigma then you know it was far far superior to NG or NG Black. NG Sigma 2 will be the superior version of NG 2 as well.

Darrius Cole3591d ago

Sigma bombed?????

NGΣ sold 400,000. That's very good for a game that had already been released 2 times.

Unicron3591d ago

"lol Tecmo really phucked over Itagaki and his Xbox fans. Oh well ... "

Kigmal, if you're a 360 only owner, I can see the issue. Sucks, but its something many PS3 only GTA and Fallout fans have to deal with as well.

chaosatom3591d ago

but it doesn't hurt to have Ninja Gaiden in the ps3 catalog.

no-spin3591d ago

this is the same guy that said Uncharted was a B game, without explaining. He is just sad since the 360 is not getting good games and has nothing to do but troll in N4G.

Nice try but fails

dragunrising3591d ago

I only played through NG2 twice so I'm torn on whether to purchase NGS2. If the graphics, frame rate and camera are improved I want to buy the definitive version. Also, I'm starting to wonder if PS3 will become the new home of Ninja Gaiden and its sequels.

@ Morgan- Sigma is the best version of Ninja Gaiden 1 although it was missing something the Xbox versions had: Ninja Gaiden 1-3 from the NES. Outside of the HD graphics, explain how Sigma was "far far better?" I'm beginning to think you talk out your butt and use your toes to type.

s8anicslayer3591d ago

Ninja Gaiden without Igatki or what ever his name is, I wonder if this will be a enhanced version of NG2 or completley new game?

Sarcasm3591d ago

"If the graphics, frame rate and camera are improved"

The graphics SHOULD be improved as well as a solid frame rate. NG:S ran flawlessly in 60fps at 720p. Not so sure about the camera though.

It's amazing how NGII had some frame rate dips at only 585p, as well as how Idiotgaki kept clamoring how he likes to work with "more powerful" hardware.

blackpanther253591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

You know they made money off of NG:Sigma if they are willing to make a Sequel from scratch all over again. OR they could have used NGS as an excuse to get to know the ps3 better by remaking a game already done on the 360 and the original xbox. They had a finished product to look at and compare to just in case they made any mistakes.

lol i got disagrees because i said there are too many good games coming out this year. So the disagrees are telling me that there aren't a lot of good games coming out this year HAH what a bunch of idiots

IdleLeeSiuLung3591d ago

Although I prefer my 360 (chief reason is the controller), this is welcome news. I'm always up for more NG content no matter if it is on the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

To those complaining about NG2 on the 360's framerate issues, as far as I know NG2 was developed on an aging game engine. I heard it was ported straight from the original Xbox. This coupled with Itagaki's departure, it is a miracle the game is still so much fun!

NG2 for 360 is my game of the year for 2008!!!

eagle213591d ago

one more can't hurt. :p

Proxy3591d ago

I have both PC and PS3. I always would say "I can play every game I want, because most XBox games are on PC, and then I got PS3 games too. The only thing I'm really missing is Ninja Gaiden 2."

Now what am I missing? Gears 2? LOL.

JokesOnYou3591d ago

personally I think NG2 was really underated in the reviews, I'm still playing it in between games 'cause its a bit hard and I like to take my time, ps3 only owners who haven't played it should definitely pick it up this fall, its a great game.


BLuKhaos3590d ago

I'll say this again,If sigma 2 runs and looks better than the rrodbox ver. then it would be safe to say Yosuke Hayashi>>>king flop himself;Tomonobu Itagaki.I mean the 360 is a cake walk to work with compared to the ps3 right?

morganfell3590d ago

Sarcasm, have you noticed how Itagaki has shifted his tune somewhat since getting the boot? People can whine all they want but this version will be the definitive version on the definitive hardware.

SL1M DADDY3590d ago

Sigma was released when the PS3 only had an install base of about 8 million and sold nearly a half million copies. Ninja Gaiden 2 was released when the 360 had an install base of 20 million and sold one million. If you simply take that into acount, I would say that Sigma sold well. If anything, Ninja Gaiden 2 failed to live up to the hype and should have sold at least two or three million...

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[email protected]3591d ago

it's confirm for US to this fall? or just Japan with an incoming release date for US?

pwnsause3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

yes its coming to the US this fall. the offcial US PS magazine has an exclusive interview with them on the next issue.

zslash3591d ago

Yep, the fall release window is for all regions (Japan, North America, and Europe).

[email protected]3591d ago

^ Thanks for the heads up pwnsauce. That's a great news ^^

Towers763591d ago

I hope they try and improve the camera. I liked playing this game on my buddy's 360 so I'm glad it's getting ported over. I wonder if they'll add new levels too..

pwnsause3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

well from what we heard right now, its not a port. its supposively being built from the ground up for the PS3, just like Sigma. one of the biggest complaints of this game wasnt just only the frame rate issues, but the camera. Im pretty sure that they are on it.

Heres hoping they add some sort of Home support, like unlockables, an arcade machine like the RE5 arcade machine in the home space, and of course a Tecmo/NG homespace itself.

BTW, Tecmo is listed as one of the 3rd party devs that are supporting Home, so lets what they are going to do with it in the future.

Unicron3591d ago

Indeed Pwn... perhaps now is the time to put the old NG NES/SNES editions into a Home arcade area?

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Unicron3591d ago

I shall purchase it, and nuzzle it next to my Sigma and DMC4. Then Bayonetta and God of War 3 can join them. It'll be one big kickass action game orgy.

no-spin3591d ago

and broke!
i will have to decide what not to buy for me to get all these ridiculous great games (with an "s" at the end, as in more than one )

Sarcasm3591d ago

"It'll be one big kickass action game orgy. "


First thing that comes to mind is the girl from Bayonetta, Rachel from NG:S, and the other big boobed blond girl from NG2.


blackpanther253591d ago

the first thing that comes to mind is a train heading straight Beyonetta

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