IGN: Red Baron Arcade Review

Red Baron Arcade was originally planned for the 360 as well, but was canned. That probably should have told whomever was in charge at Sony that this probably wasn't worth passing certification. When the already clogged 360 Marketplace won't have your game, perhaps it's best left to a could-have-been. As it stands, this game might be the worst $10 you can spend on the PSN right now. It's a lifeless, joyless abomination of its namesake and isn't worth the price or time it takes to download. Skip this and go find the original Dynamix game instead. The time and effort needed to do so will be worth more than anything the PSN title can provide.

Presentation - 2.0
Graphics - 2.0
Sound - 3.0
Gameplay - 2.0
Lasting Appeal - 2.0
Overall -

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- Ghost of Sparta -3527d ago

I now understand why Sierra delayed the game. What I don't get is why they released it.

Snake Raiser3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

maybe I donwloaded a different game, But I like some game with a name a lot like this. I am playing it right now and like it a lot. It is just like a little arcade game. Like a 20 year old one, but I don't mind that at all. Maybe It is because I love WW1, flying games, and the red baron, but I would give it a 4/10 as a game, but a 8/10 for a cheap downloadable game. I would be angry if this was 60 bucks, but for 10 it is great by me. (And yes, I have played good flight sim games, ace combat 04 for PS2) Anybody who knows a lot about ww1 will not have expected this to be like a modern fighter game. It is slow, but that is the way things were in WW1. Maybe I had low expectations(never having played the old PC game) and IGN had high expectations.

PoSTedUP3527d ago

i though it was fun. it does have its problems, but it does entertain me from time to time. i like plane games and this one is alright if you feelin like playing it arcade style. i give it 5/10

Snake Raiser3527d ago

2.1 Is exactly what I am talking about.

Sevir043527d ago

this is by far the funniest review ever.