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Metal Gear Solid Touch will be a real disappointment for both hardcore and casual fans. Despite the appearance of characters, settings, and weapons from the Metal Gear universe, this is not a Metal Gear game. It's a simple shooting gallery. But at least it's a good-looking simple shooting gallery with awesome music. Perhaps the later stages might get a little more Metal Gear-y, but right now, it's hard to recommend this lackluster shooter.

Presentation - 7.8
Graphics - 7.8
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 6.0
Lasting Appeal - 6.0
Overall -

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- Ghost of Sparta -5063d ago

Shame it wasn't developed by Kojima Productions.

lepolohuevo5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

huh, it was. I got the game and it clearly says KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS when you launch the app along with the konami logo.

I have to disagree with this review though, as a hardcore metal gear fan, i thought i would be disappointed with a mobile game, but I was very impressed and exceeded my expectations, it is one of the best games you can get on iPhone/Touch! I would gladly give it an 8.5/10

kevnb5063d ago

this tempts me into buying an iphone.

John Hendry Eden5063d ago

The Metal Gear Solid franchise ended with a bang!

Bonsai12145063d ago

the only person involved from kojima productions was the website designer. otherwise, it was some other konami team.

Mikerra175063d ago

I mean this thing had to of been rushed and come on its on the apple thing

- Ghost of Sparta -5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

How did I get 9 disagrees for telling the truth?

Konami developed MGS Touch.

Not Kojima Productions.

Man some of you people need special ed.

Dark_Vendetta5062d ago

played it today and I have to agree. The gameplay is simply boring. You are always behind a wall and only have to shoot the coming enemies. I had high hopes for it :(

Marceles5062d ago

Yeah I bought it after reading this to see what it was all about and's pretty much just a Metal Gear shooting gallery game. Sniping in the later levels makes it a tad bit more fun just because you're pinching your fingers together and away and it's something different but is probably the last time I'll play it unless i'm absolutely dying of boredom

Montrealien5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

Got it this morning, played it for about 30 minutes on the metro and I have to say, It is a decent 8$ Iphone game. If has many unlockables and suits the Iphone just fine. Anyone who expected anything else from an 8$ Iphone game is a little to picky.

As for the Kojima studios thing, Konami whoring the name out on this game just goes to show that Kojima is just a subsidiary of Konami. Or in other words, Konami own Kojima, MGS, and all his other works. Till he leaves and starts his own studio anyways.

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Tempist5063d ago

I didn't see a failure of this coming... How could people not have know that it was going to suck?

Montrealien5062d ago

Its an 8$ Iphone app, how can people not know it would be decent. And it is just that, decent.

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I love video games5063d ago

i dont know why people are jagged about the low score, its a phone game, took a couple months to make, everything sony related doesnt have to be great, get over it and go eat a muffin or something

Snake Raiser5062d ago

Its not sony related... but point taken.

Snake Raiser5062d ago

So IGN of all reviewers didn't finish an IPHONE game before reviewing it? An IPHONE game? How long is it 3 hours? They did the same thing with the Red Baron game. I like gamespot, but I normally agree with IGN as well. New reviewer maybe.

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