Part II : Classic Nintendo games that haven't been remade, but should be.

Justin "the claw" of the "fear the claw" VGB writes:

"When I started this list, I had no idea it would grow to such a length that it would need to be split up into multiple parts, but every game I already had on the list reminds me of another game that I think should be on the list. Then comes the process of narrowing them down, choosing their order, and deciding what will stay, and what will be held until the next part.

Just to clarify some confusion on what defines a "Classic Nintendo Game" for the purpose of this list, here are the necessary criteria I've used: 1) It must be published by Nintendo (though not necessarily developed by). 2) It must have originally been released on a system that is now extinct. 3) It must have been released, in some form, in the U.S. (otherwise the list could be a lot longer than it already is!). Please note that, while I do know lot about Nintendo's history, I do not have encyclopedic knowledge of all the games they've published for all their systems. Therefore, while this list will only be made up of predetermined games I am personally familiar with, I welcome your own additions in the comments sections!"

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