Ace Gamez Review: PlayStation Network - Puzzle Collection

AG writes: "The line-up of the Power Pack makes for a markedly stronger package than the uneven alternative, but the same bargain-bin interface and long load times hamper both collections, and however powerful the three games brought together here may be in their own right, they're hardly compatible experiences. flOw is an excellent introduction to the indie trimmings that have collectively made the PlayStation Network relevant, and a fine game to calm you down on a rush hour bus ride.

Beats, on the other hand, is a button-mashing rhythm game; a pared-down, value-added alternative to Guitar Hero that's saved from mediocrity by its My Music mode. As for Syphon Filter: Combat Ops? It's a multiplayer-only game that's sadly short of players. This is a variety pack if I ever saw one, but schizophrenic though the selection of games may be, they're an impressive bunch and, at budget price, the Power Pack is a no-brainer addition to any PSP library lacking its individual components."

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