Ace Gamez Review: Wiiware - Tetris Party

AG writes: "WiiWare is fast becoming the place for interesting and original games, such as LostWinds and World of Goo, these titles being some of the most innovative and interesting games on the system. Tetris Party on the other hand is yet another Tetris re-release and so should be judged accordingly.

The new modes really do spice up the age-old gameplay, with the Field Climber mode being especially exciting and near impossible at times. The sheer amount of original Tetris content on offer here is amazing, bringing new and old modes together to create the most feature packed game in the series yet. As value for money goes, there really isn't a WiiWare game yet that matches Tetris Party; there are some misfires, such as the Wi-Fi and Balance Board modes, but these aside it's puzzle gold through and through. For 1200 points, you could do a lot worse on the Wii Shop Channel and by puzzle game standards it just doesn't get much better than Tetris Party."

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