Ace Gamez Review: House of the Dead: Overkill

AG writes: "This is one game that refuses to fall off the lifespan mountain entirely as it dangles for dear life just above the halfway camp; strengthening the fingers that save it from the nasty drop is the co-operative play option that allows for a second mutant-slayer to join you on your quick blast through the story.

This co-op mode doesn't require an additional Wii Zapper either, as you can play with the Wiimote on its own, although I definitely recommend a back up as the enjoyment you get out of the game drops slightly because blasting evil dudes is just so much more fun when you have a proper gun in your hands! There are also three mini-games for up to four people to play but these just don't share the same polish as the rest of the experience - they're something to do on a cold, rainy day but don't add anything to the game."

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