Want to play Lumines Live online? It's free!

It's looking like you're only going to have to pay 1200 Microsoft Points (only?) to get your Lumines multiplayer fix. Xbox 360 Fanboy got in touch with Ross Erickson from the Xbox Live Arcade and asked if multiplayer will be packed in the game when you buy it. His response: "Confirmed."

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JPomper5808d ago

Can somebody confirm that it cost more before this bit of information was released? To my knowledge, Lumines is a pretty big game(for an arcade title) and cost more than $15 for the PSP.

ArchChef5808d ago

It costs $20 on the PSP, that is after its been out for over a year and been reduced in price greatly. I bought it when it first came out and it was well worth the money. Now with online Multiplayer and downloadable content, its well worth the price.

I truly hate stingy people. On these sites all you see is complaining about price, Quite frankly these are buisnesses not benefactors, they are looking after the bottom line.

Krimson5807d ago

This was game was always set to be priced at 1200 points, they did not increase the price.

Nodoze5808d ago

Only have to pay for multiplayer, and multi is included in the game!? So nothing is free, you have to purchase the game and both single and multi will be available.

ScorpioKyle5807d ago

they are referring to rumors earlier that stated that when you bought the game, you would have to pay extra for the multiplayer part of the game. this article is just to confirm that it is not going to pull that garbage