AATG: Peggle Dual Shot Review


"Peggle Dual Shot For Nintendo DSThe DS incarnation of Peggle incorporates the whole of the original game plus its recently released sequel Peggle Nights, as well as a few DS only extra levels. Which means that all-in-all this is one hell of a bumper package with more than enough challenge and longevity to keep you going for a long time yet. Add to that the game's testing challenge mode as well as Duel mode, which can be played against the computer or another human (thankfully all on the one DS) and what you end up with is a title you won't get bored of in a hurry - that's if you can wrestle it from your partner/parent/neice/nephew/grandparent. The only minor complaints I have with the game is that it's cheaper to buy both games separately on the PC and the sharpness of the graphics."

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