Talking About Games Review: Halo Wars

Talking About Games:

"At the very least, Halo Wars takes the Halo world and makes it into a very effective console RTS. It nails the control mechanics very well for the most part, while delivering the sights and sounds of the Halo legacy perfectly. The story is as interesting as Halo has ever been, even without Cortana and the Master Chief. The missions are really enjoyable and the game's Achievements beg for them to be replayed. When all of that wears thin, there is a Skirmish mode for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles as well as online matchmaking through Xbox Live. Unlocking pieces of the Halo Timeline is interesting and gives you additional insight about the Halo universe. Overall, Halo Wars is a success. While it might not be what some Halo fans are looking for, it sets a standard for future console strategy games and does the best with its source matter that it can. For that, I commend Ensemble Studios. It isn't easy to take something so beloved as Halo and turn it into something completely different, but they did it very well."

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