MyPS3: Resident Evil 5 Review


"Resident Evil 5 is a great action romp. The basic gameplay fundamentals remain from RE4, but it still has enough positives to classify as a worthy title. The new inventory system is great and the co-op implementation is good for the most part. The overall presentation is superb, being not only the best in the RE franchise but one of the best this generation. While RE5 hasn't reinvented the third-person action title, it maintains many of the great RE qualities we've all come to love while implementing particular new aspects and evolving into a highly enjoyable action title."

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resistance1003499d ago

This game has had such mixed review's. This review praises it, however PS Gamer Uk gave it a 2/5 - http://playstationgameruk.c...

I didn't like the demo so i am holding off until i see it in the Bargin Bin.