DarkZero: Resident Evil 5 Review


"It is a great game and one that is a faithful update to a game that only four years ago attained universal acclaim. But in that time, things have changed and, for better and for worse, Resident Evil 5 has only made baby steps when compared to the giant leaps that its predecessor made, and because of this, won't be getting near that perfect 10. The issues with A.I. and the controls will put off some of the more fickle gamers, but for those of you who part with their £40, like an A.I. controlled Sheva to a horde of zombies, you'll find plenty here to get your teeth into – fans and newcomers alike. Maybe we asked for too much? Maybe the hype was insurmountable? Maybe the game we all wanted wasn't even a Resident Evil game any more? Perhaps next time, Capcom will completely reinvent the wheel, but right now, the car is running fine on the ones it already has, looks absolutely stunning and is better when you're with a friend.

Just don't let the A.I. drive, for God's sake."

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