Free Realms Direct-Feed Walkthrough writes

"Promoting their candy, Sony Online Entertainment's Sebastian Strzalkowski walks us through a direct-feed look at their upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Free Realms. Get a detailed look at the character creation ability, combat, racing and a grand overview of the family-friendly online fantasy world. Coming first to the PC with a PS3 version to follow, you can catch even more with X-Play's Hands On segments of the entire gaming experience and the combat mechanics after the cut."

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blackpanther253500d ago

the game looks good. The combat looks good as well. The only problem is i don't wanna feel like an ahole playing with 13- year old kids

Hallucinate3500d ago

13year olds? i think you aiming a bit high there buddy

Tony P3500d ago

Ages 10-14... Humans or Pixies... That is way outta my confluence of interests. Seems like a cross between WoW and Animal Crossing.

I like the general idea of a world that lets you do more than fill a combat role. Though I definitely won't be playing this.

T-Baggins3499d ago

I think it looks cool and since its free I will defiantly give it a try, even if all I do is explore the world.
This is what Home should be like but with the towns/areas dedicated to games or company.