TGR News Roundup: Wii Weight Loss, Devil May Cry Averages 2.5 Million Sales Per Installment

Shocking sales statistics for the Devil May Cry series were revealed. Also, a study shows that being active with your Wii can help you lose weight.

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SirLarr3501d ago

I could play Devil May Cry until I die.

shoinan3501d ago

But that good? Don't know about that.

cain1413501d ago

I really didn't expect to here DMC sold so well...

samura3501d ago

DMC3 ruined all games of the same genre for me. I still play it on my PC sometimes (mission 2 on DMD).

DMC5: the return of Vergil(or the Demise of Nero) please.

redfield853501d ago

I love that I bought the first one, played a decent amount of it and stopped. I later went and picked up the third game and didn't even beat the first boss. I still like the series, I just need to play all the way through.

Viewtiful3501d ago

I've always hated DMC. The games are so simple that it bores me. Although that's probably what a lot of people like about them.

samura3501d ago

You just keep saying that to yourself.

DMC rocks (except DMC2).

Ixon3501d ago

I'm also of the opinion that the first is the best.

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