'God of War II' (PS2) Scores One Million Pre-Orders

God of War II is a combat action-adventure game based on Greek mythology. Get reacquainted with the vicious ex-Spartan warrior Kratos who, armed with all-new brutal combat moves and magic, embarks a new epic odyssey. With less than 2 weeks until release, Sony announced that God of War II has already spurred more than 1 million retail orders.

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Covenant4261d ago

Good games usually are highly-preordered, and this one is awesome (from what I hear).

It's been a very brisk seller for my store since its release. This is one title I wish I could have on my Xbox. *sigh*

Torch4261d ago

I just picked up this game up from EB Games Canada yesterday as a birtday gift for my cousin.

Upon doing so, I learned that EB Games (Canada) is offering a fantastic offer when purchasing GoW2: whomever purchases the game has until March 31st to opt to return the game to EB in exchange for an in-store credit in the amount of the original purchase price of CN$50...EVEN IF the game was opened and played to death. As long as the game's in good condition, and intact with case and manual, you're good for the credit. (Note however, that it's a pretty safe bet that the sales tax will NOT be refunded.)

Ideal for you fly-by-nighters, or those wishing to first test the GoW2 waters. I suppose EB Canada has that much confidence that no one's going to want to return the game.

The game is also subject to their "Trade-in Three, Get it Free" offer (provided that each of your traded games are valued at no less than $8...whatever games those may be, is beyond me.)

deathtok4261d ago

Yeah I went into Gamestop to pick this up earlier today and they had a whole stack of pre-orders. I wasn't one of those but they had about seven set aside and I've been playing it all day. Great game.

Bathyj4261d ago

1 million preorders. And I though 1 million for the first shipment was erring on the side of over supply. I guess not. They should have sent out 2 or 3 million if this is the case.

I've got to say Sony really missed and oppitunity on this game. Given the anticipation if they had included 720p support for PS3 users it would definately push a few more PS3's out the door. The best action game of the year in sharp, beautiful, 720p could help tip the scales for undecided buyers. I'm getting one anyway, but this would be a most welcome inclusion.